What Makes Snyder & Wenner, P.C. Unique?

A lot of law firms in the Phoenix area handle personal injury cases. But few firms are able to provide the quality of representation that Snyder & Wenner, PC can provide. Below are some of the reasons why our firm is well-equipped to handle your serious personal injury or wrongful death case.

  • We have two nurses on staff. With the help of our on-staff nurses, we are able to fully determine the extent of your injuries. This will help us determine what you will need to be fully compensated for your serious injuries and medical malpractice claims.
  • We test our arguments before we present them in court.Our lawyers conduct extensive pre-trial research with members of the community to determine if we are building our case consistent with people’s experience. People are much more likely to be convinced about the justness of a case that confirms their experience.
  • We are well-regarded by other personal injury attorneys, and are often called on to help try cases. One measure of our firm’s success is how we are regarded by our peers. Because of our experience in trial, we are often asked to serve as co-counsel in cases that go to trial. Additionally, a number of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys.
  • We are not afraid to go to trial. To be fair, most personal injury attorneys will not shy from trial. However, some personal injury lawyers will try to persuade their clients to accept an offer of settlement from the insurance company, regardless of whether the offer will fully compensate their client. That does not happen at Snyder & Wenner, PC. We will not rest until our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to.
  • We are selective about the cases we accept. Complex, catastrophic injuries need and deserve maximum recovery for the victims and maximum effort from their lawyers. We have the experience and resources to handle the most serious wrongful death and personal injury cases.
  • Our verdicts and settlements demonstrate our abilities. Our experience speaks for itself. Our clients have received verdicts and settlements of nearly $100 million.

For over 30 years, our focus at Snyder & Wenner, PC has been on the most serious personal injury cases. We are advocates for seriously injured people. If you have been seriously injured in an accident because of negligence or malpractice, contact us for a free consultation.

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